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My first job was with an agency and I guess the experience was ok. For me I never saw it as a long term position. It was just to get me a little experience but it worked kinda.

I did get exposed to a couple of different types of products at the same time so the variety was good. The agency was ok to work for but not sure outsourcing whole sales teams is a great idea.

Nope.. it is crap. Like most things on those types of blogs

This is absolutely spot on!

Hate phone calls myself

Hi Jimmy.. depends on whether your team is from the Bay area? If they are all over and you are bringing them in for a reward then the Napa valley thing may be fine but if they locals that may not turn them on so much!

If you wanted to say a low cost thanks.. beers, hotdogs and a bowling night would work for me!

If I read that whole list I wouldn't have any time to do anything else. Maybe with your list David you need to add a speed reading course?

Seriously .. not sure how many people read books any more. Good blogs help us get information faster